Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mother and I Requesting Collaborated Effort Amongst Activists

(see bottom for Presentation Directory Guide) for Main Web Site With Video Rendition of NWA Profiling Assault and Battery On Family and I: http://www.aaronjamesstory.com

Mother and I AIRLINES PROFILING VICTIMS of* Police Brutality(*Pictures of assault and corruption with this link:) Need Voice To Speak Our Tragedy:
For More Information Please Contact:
Aaron James 204 474 0654
Linda James 204 632 5598
)*We are also currently being assisted by Roche Tasse Civil Liberties Monitoring group
***Mother and I requesting Collaborated Effort To help
us battle the racial profiling and tyranny we face in the wake of an unmotivated racial hate profiling attack inflicted by *MN police (currently notorious in the news over several severe beatings/violations) in association with *NWA (notorious for their history of profiling minorities) with which we have been afflicted:

We have been *** wrongly afflicted by illegal intimidation, profiling and civil/ human rights abuses on the part of corrupted court proceedings under ***Judge David S.Doty, **FBI (whose notoriety precedes them ,* NSA,* MN Police, as well as MN Airport Police in collaboration with NWA and other parties in which legal corruption and racial prejudice was prevalent throughout in the attack and ‘ court process’ that ensued.

As pertains to our case, Police have perjured, our legal mail has been intercepted and sabotaged, and we have been misled and betrayed by a number of resources. **The trauma we have experienced amid this barrage of intimidation and ** illegal workings has been tremendous.

Racial profiling and discrimination against minorities has a long and tainted history:
From the abuse of Malcolm X a symbol upstanding in both Islamic and Black history, Nelson Mandela under Apartheid, the trials and tribulations of Martin Luther King and, to the more modern day recounts of the Rodney King Beating and the Profiling and discrimination against Arab born Ahmed Farooq, Mohamed Harkat, and Maher Arar, and the incessant racial profiling amongst the airlines industry.

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